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Organic Cow Milk

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Organic Cow's Milk

Our milk comes straight from the family farm, delivered fresh to your doorstep in a few hours. Switch to good health with our Farm Fresh Cow's milk, free from any preservatives or additives. Every drop is Pure wholesome goodness.

Rs.83 for 1 litre

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People from different communities, countries, and backgrounds converge in the vibrant city of Delhi to improve their lives. Apart from a good job or business and a comfortable home, the one thing every individual looks for is good, pure, wholesome food, especially milk. There is no shortage of people claiming to sell organic food and milk, but every health-conscious individual wants the surety of getting the highest quality. Whyte Farms is the one name you can always trust to produce and deliver high-quality organic milk in Delhi at all times.

We understand the concern of students who travel to the city to study and the families who call this city their home. We ensure you are getting farm-fresh, organic milk delivered to your home. We provide you with pure cow milk in Delhi with which you can make paneer and curd for your family.

How do we ensure you get farm-fresh, aromatic desi cow milk in Delhi?

Our first step is to ensure that only high breed desi cows find a home in our farms. We then make sure they are getting high-quality, organic hay and grass that is organically grown on the farm. Additionally, we ensure the cows remain happy; they have the freedom to roam the farm or rest in their barns equipped with giant fans and water sprinklers. And when they feel tired, they turn to their special massagers, especially set up for them as an extra team. Our happy and contented are thus producing desi cow milk of the highest quality in Delhi.

We ensure no hormonal injections are given to them. We keep everything organic so that there is no chemical in the milk or the cow’s food. The milk is so pure and wholesome, and you can drink it straight from the bottle. We are one of the few farms pasteurizing milk with PHE technology. The technology chills the milk within seconds, destroying bacteria. Pasteurization does not harm the taste of the milk, but it does ensure that the milk is safe to drink directly from the bottle.

Benefits of Whyte Farms Organic Milk in Delhi

From grandmothers to babies, everybody benefits from the rich goodness of organic cow's milk. Whyte Farm's organic milk in Delhi offers the following benefits:

  • You get higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids - The healthy environment we provide our cows ensures higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids. N-3 fats are necessary for stimulating healthy growth.
  • Our cows are free of harmful chemicals - We use highly-nutritious and organically-cultivated grains for our cows. One thing you can count on at all times, they are free of milk-inducing hormones. Whether you order offline or online milk delivery from us, you will get it free from fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Anti-oxidant rich milk - Whyte Farm's milk ensures you are getting more beta-carotene and Vitamin E with your dairy intake.
  • Increases metabolic rate - Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is present in higher amounts. It is necessary to increase the body's metabolic rate, muscle growth and immunity to diseases.
  • Muscle and joint pains are reduced with desi cow milk. The milk also helps in reducing muscular degeneration

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