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Whyte Farms milk

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The Farm

Spread over 25 acres of land on the border of Rajasthan, the beautiful piece of land is able to keep more than 500 cows. A haven for cattle, it is designed to keep them mooing and chewing even when they are going through mood swings. Littered with comfortable places to chill, it has got luxurious barns with giant fans and high roofs to keep them cool during the summer, even the sand on the ground is imported to give them the best experience. These little things matter to the cows. It’s a lot of hard work but worth it at the end. After all it’s the happy cows that give the best quality milk.


What's cooking?

They are fed with organically grown greens and fodder made especially for them at the farm itself. We make sure that their food is free from any kind of insecticide, pesticide and other Chemicals.

TMR Feeding Machines from Germany

It’s like having a personal nutritionist for the cows. TMR, Total Meal Ration is a method of feeding cows that combines all forages, grains, protein feeds, minerals, vitamins and additives formulated to a specified nutrient concentration into a single feed mix. Our machine makes sure that the cows get the most nutritious diet for healthy rumination process and keeps the cows fit and active in general.


Our farm is equipped with the most advanced milking machine, the 2X6 Herringbone parlour. It senses the position of the cow, records the amount of milk delivered, and other information which it sends to the main computer. On the ground, it can milk 12 cows in 7 minutes. The cows walk into the parlour and are milked automatically by the machines. See no hands involved.

The fresh milk then passes through the PHE pipelines and is chilled to 4º c immediately. This process preserves the milk and keeps the nutrients of the milk intact.


We've got PHE Most farms in India don't have this technology. While other cooling technology takes hours to cool the milk, the PHE does the job in seconds. The process destroys bacteria immediately and is essential in maintaining milk quality & taste.

The chilled milk is then pasteurised which makes it safe to drink without the need to boil it. The milk is packed in barrier proof bottles and is ready to be sent to your doorstep.


The fresh milk is delivered to your homes within hours of milking. Our cold-chain delivery process ensures that the milk is good to the last drop after it reaches you. Sweet isn't it!

So all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your bottle of goodness.

Whyte Farms Cow Milk

No need to boil it. Oh yes, you can drink it directly. Pure and so delicious,
our milk comes from one of the finest farms in India.


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